Modern Polish Apartment
The work of adapting this 50 square meter apartment in Poland for a modern lifestyle was done by the designers at Disenio in Poland and it is a great success. Combining simple earth colors with modern furniture pieces turned this apartment into a relaxation oasis for the owners. The black and white walls of the living
Float House - Pitsou Kedem Architects 1 2
Continuous, wide spaced but still partitionable are the words that define this one story private residence completed by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The 530 square meter house contains different spaces and internal courtyards that will transform into smaller spaces forming a variety of different functions. The architects created the illusion of a floating structure by using
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Interior Yard - Singapore home
The Far Sight Semi-Detached House was finished in 2013 by Wallflower Architecture. By sitting on high grounds, the house overlooks the other residential areas of Singapore. The main design idea inspired by the client was to design a house with two stories and an attic, containing a rooftop terrace facing the read of the home
Extensive Landscape Views - Villa Amina
Pascal de Souza has finised this wonderful example of modern architecture and interior design in 2013. The 800 square meters the villa streches on offer extensive landscape views over the untouched landscape of Cape Coast, Ghana. The main idea the villa was built upon was being as close to a sustainable home as it is
Elegant Design for the Opera Penthouse
Israelian city of Netanya now hosts the Opera Penthouse, with a very refined and elegant design The Domb Architecture Firm signed the work done for the interior design of the Opera Penthouse, a luxurious apartment at the 31st floor of a building in Netanya, Israel, in which the main focus have been the floor-to-ceiling windowsv
Penthouse in New York
Turet Collaborative Architects rise up to their names with both the amazing work they are doing and this outstanding New York Penthouse located fifty four floors above Broadway, with view over the entire Long Island and Central Park as well as the Statue of Liberty. The extraordinary potential of the architecture was enhanced by the
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Single Family Residence - Kassir
Kassir Single Family Residence in Israel The architects at SaaB Architects turned this single family residence project into the wonderful private Kassir Residence in Eshbol, Israel. The house occupies 190 square meters, on a single floor, being surrounded by flat deserted lands. The house is planned to be a leisure home for retirement, therefore it
Mountain Challet Zermatt
Zermatt Peak Chalet by CZP Zermatt Peak AG: Situated in one of the world’s most desirable and iconic locations, Chalet Zermatt Peak is Zermatt’s new premier chalet with panoramic views over the village and to the iconic Matterhorn. The Zermatt Peak Chalet offers a exceptional luxury experience by being a landmark chalet in one of
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Glass and Concrete Home in Johannesburg
The designers and architects at Nico van der Meulen surprise us with yet another contemporary mansion, this time having a 2068 m² surface, able to house a family with four children. The owners wanted this home in Johannesburg to have a custom glass and concrete design, making provision for an informal and luxurious lifestyle. Impressive sized rooms
The residential suburb of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has a wonderful new addition to it’s urban landscape: The D2 Town House. This Single Family Home was designed by MM ++ Architects  on 4 different levels. This project intends to bring an alternative approach for the conception of middle range Vietnamese urban house, combining vernacular


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