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Learn how to make the difference between Vintage and Retro Styles. What does Vintage style reffer to? Vintage style is an eclectic and very casual way of decorating. The “vintage” term originated with wine growers indentifing particular grape harvests or growing seasons. The word later transformed into everyday language and describes the year something was
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Staying or working in small spaces can kill your creativity if you let everything get crowded, so designers and architects have taken on the challenge of making smaller spaces more atractive. Opting for a minimalist design for your office has the most essential of advantages: looking modern and also being easy on the eyes. A
As housing standards evolve, consumers are more and more in search of energy efficient homes. Manufacterers are offering more eco-friendly gadgets than ever before. Here are some of the gadgets that will help you save money and make your lifestyle “green” 1. Smart Thermostats New thermostats have been designed to learn when and how your
Tribu Furniture Collection
Milan Design Week 2014 comes with yet another outstanding furniture collection designed by Tribù. Their designs have a very simple and refined finishing yet inspire a lot of contemporary elegance. The 2014 collection is design by two Italia designers and is completly different in design, both sharing ergonomic seating comfort, technical perfection and sustainable materials.
LEAN Coat Rack 2
Since the start of the Milano Design Week 2014 we have seen some amazing and innovative designs for all pieces of furniture. Some of the most underrated and left behind details are the coat racks. You can create a very good impression for your guests right from the entrance. Choose a different coat rack design, go
If you are searching for inspiration to create your own dressing room, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re dreaming of your own hollywood star-like walk-in wardrobe you are one step closer to it. But keep in mind, reaching that level of luxury takes a lot of money. We will give you some advice


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