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Fotographer Patrick Rohner prepared a very interesting advertisment for the new Lumimart Lamp Designs Campaign. The lamps have all kinds of shapes and whatever you need, there surely is one that fits you. The Lumimart lamps have modern designs, being either made of shiny, silver surfaces or white paper allowing light to go through it.
dining room with sea view
Floor-to-ceiling windows leading to a breathtaking sea view, wide terrace views and lounging areas transform this astounding apartment into a very modern living space. The architects from Yo Dezeen did a very good job in combining dark interior colours with the light and coloured views offered by the apartment. The apartment has a very simple but still
With the increase of real estate prices, the problem of finding an affordable living space has to be solved by people on a budget wanting a new home.  The move has to be planned in advance, but if you are very attached to your curent residence, you can either go for the full redesign of
Scandinavian Interior Design 3
Cool grey and blue textiles and white walls very well define the Scandinavian design. That’ s exactly what architects Denis Svirid and Kruchinin Oleg did. They took this relatively small apartment and transformed it into a very modern, fully usable space. Two bedrooms and the central part of the apartment featuring the living room, dining room
The Solar Decathlon Award-Winning Competition The Solar Decathlon Award-Winning Competition unites the greatest universities from all over the world in a challenge to design, build and operate a full scaled, entirely functional solar-powered house. The 2014 European Solar Decathlon will be held in Versailles, France and will be based on a total of 10 competitions
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Not more than few days ago we have presented you with one of the best relaxation ideas close to your home: rooftop terraces.Today, rooftop gardens are a very good alternative for using the space you have left on your roof. Do not imagine that building and designing a rooftop garden  is easy, but if you love
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