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Here at In Your Kingdom, we show you some of the most important interior design trends and offer you tips and tricks on how you can improve the overall appearance of your own home. These projects have been designed by Richard Clarkson. RC Studio started in 2013 as an experimental product, lighting and furniture studio,
Being a CEO of any company, from start-ups to large companies doesn’t resume only to recruiting top tier talent, communicating a clear vision to the company’s stakeholders and making sure that the company doesn’t run out of money. Depending on the size of the company, this ends up requiring you to wear many different hats.  
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If you’ve been looking for a different approach on decorating your home, the “Shelf B” is an amazing choice for your bookshelf. Having a industrial furniture design created by Jans Baumann, the wooden frame hanging on the wall can support everything from a hard cover, a paper back or even an art book. The suspensions are
Now that a new year has started , it’s time to look for the interior design trends that will take shape in 2015. Matching furniture with wall paints and other home accessories is a “soon-to-be forgotten” trend, according to interior design experts at Zillow. No need to worry, they have announced the most important new
The E-commerce company  had it’s headquarters in a Toronto warehouse fitted with modular boxes shaped like shipping containers. The entire design of the Shopify Offices was done by the canadian design firm MSDS Studio. The design of the office is built on the metaphor of the mechanisms of contemporary commerce: the front office block and reception
Caring and keeping of these huge watery enclosures is a job in and of itself, but it surely is very rewarding to be able to admire the fish swimming within the walls of your home or any other spaces. We found seven stunning aquarium designs in cities from coast to coast, and the beauty that surrounds them makes it


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