Stunning city and ocean views, together with the dazzling design have raised this single family residence to one of the highest possible standards. Every aspect of the building was designed and built by architects.It has impeccable finishings throughout the entire property and some of it’s many features are: A grand entrance leading towards a magnificent
Almost everyone would wish a oceanfront home, where the views, the sand and the sun would make your dream come true. The editors at gathered this stunning little gallery to show you what you might be missing out on if a oceanfront home is not on your list.
Milano Apartment
Adolf Loos, the 20th Century Architect was an inspiration source for Daniele Geltrudi when thinking about how to best divide this 624 square feet apartment in center Milan and turn it into a magnificent modern home. Geltrudi’s design creates a unique flow of spaces with various different chambers and levels. The apartment’s main area consists
Glass Residence in South Africa
Nico van der Meulen Architects worked on the Abo House project and turned it into a massive glass and steel residence by renovating the outdated brick house located in Limpopo, South Africa. The most important thing they had to consider when working on the house was the excessive heat and finally managed to implement the
The old apartment located on Heleneborgsgatan street in Stockholm, Sweden turned out to be a irresistible project for Karin Matz Architect, which took this tiny home and turned it into a very attractive space. The initial renovation started in 1980 but due to the illnes that unfortunately struck the owner the apartment was left untouched
House Extension
West London’s Little Venice neighbourhood is now just a little bit richer(architecturally, of course) with the house extension this Grade II listed Semi-Detached Victorian residence benefited from. Their brief was to bring a breath of fresh air into this sensitive building whilist keeping the original features and character of the house intact due to the owners
Nico van der Meulen Architects were contracted yet again for this stunning home remodel of a 1950’s single storey residence for a striking urban lifestyle . The architect was given to create a single storey home with a urban feel. To achieve the requirements of the owners, he updated it into a modern space with a very much improved flow.
Houston Residence
An amazing architecture example in Houston, Texas, this 12,857 square foot modern mansion was just listed for close to $7 Million. For this price, you get a stunning 3 stories residence, with custom-designed pool and river flowing around the house, 5 bedrooms, a 4 car garage and a exhilirating surrounding landscape. The modern mediterranean design
Contemporary design style is perfectly integrated into this stylish urban residence by Marcelo Sodre. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the home is centred around a wonderful contryard environment, providing privacy far away from the city landscape with a charming outdoor experience. In this design, contemporary style, the architect Marcelo Sodré, created a townhome with integrated
Enclosed Residence - Narigua House 2
This mountain-enclosed residence in “El Jonuco”, Mexico was designed by the architects and designers at P+0 Arquitectura and features outstanding 360º of spectacular views. Narigua house is a stone work humbly placed in an impressive landscape. This single-family residence covers over 750 square Meters, the site where it is located being densely populated by local trees
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