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You want to have a smart home. This is easier said than done, because in recent years home automation systems have become more complex and use a lot of devices connected together. This is what you should look for your home automation: 1. Functionality A good system is very simple to use, and if either
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Home Light Automation Application
With the Internet of Things concept making its way into our lives, the home automation trend is expected to be adopted by more and more people worldwide due to the increasing affordability and the way it eases the lives of the residents. Home automation is taking us closer to the smart home seen in the futuristic movies and
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The old apartment located on Heleneborgsgatan street in Stockholm, Sweden turned out to be a irresistible project for Karin Matz Architect, which took this tiny home and turned it into a very attractive space. The initial renovation started in 1980 but due to the illnes that unfortunately struck the owner the apartment was left untouched
House Extension
West London’s Little Venice neighbourhood is now just a little bit richer(architecturally, of course) with the house extension this Grade II listed Semi-Detached Victorian residence benefited from. Their brief was to bring a breath of fresh air into this sensitive building whilist keeping the original features and character of the house intact due to the owners
Victorian home decor
Interior decorations and design used for the Victorian home decor are based on orderliness and sometimes excessive ornamentation. A bare room was thought to be in poor taste so objects reflecting the owners wealth and interests were  showcased on every surface. Houses in this era were divided in rooms, but careful separation had to take place in
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Being valued at $700 million and having a total of 250 million users, SoundCloud decided to invest in a new  headquarters overlooking The Berlin Wall Memorial. The tech incubator funded by Google, The Factory is the housing facility of the offices. 2190 square foot accomodating more than 200 employees Sleek design with different facilities such
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